Telecommuting: Good for the Economy, Good for the World

The rise in the number of telecommuting jobs shows both workers and companies are aware of benefits. Most of these, though, are the benefits the individual or company feels such as lower costs and flexible schedules. What is not understood is how working virtually actually benefits the economy and the world. Adding in these virtual positions positively affects the economy and environment by taking away the commute.

Effects of a Daily Commute

Greenhouse gas emissions are comprised of harmful toxins like carbon dioxide, methane, and other man-made gases. These continue to destroy the environment. The American Consumer states approximately 50 percent of these gas emissions are caused by daily commuters. Along with this, new roads are constantly constructed to make room for the traffic. This destroys habitats and changes the ecosystem. The rates of daily commuting can change by raising the number of telecommute jobs available.

Working from Home and the Environment

If you add up the hours spent driving each year for daily commutes, it totals over 17 million jobs. Rather than putting effort into the drive that damages the environment, offer telecommuting positions. Some environmental changes that result from fewer commuters include a reduction

  • Energy used for construction of buildings, roads, and utility use
  • Gasoline need
  • Damage to habitats
  • Greenhouse emissions

Telecommuting and the Economy

With legitimate work from home job opportunities, employees are going to find a number of benefits that affect the overall economy. Some of these benefits include an increase

  • Job happiness and retention rates
  • Productivity
  • Personal happiness and time
  • Work attendance
  • Work availability for disabled and seniors

While these may seem beneficial to the individual and not the economy, these results are positive for everyone. Telecommuting essentially leads to a savings of money and happier people. This results in families using their time to leave the house and spend their newly free time and saved money.

Currently, it is predicted that work from home positions can be twice as high as they are. This may lead to a large increase in the number of legitimate telecommuting opportunities available. Whether you want to look for a job or post one, utilize the services of SkipTheDrive to start saving.