Tips on How Freelancers Should Use Coworking to Increase Productivity

The debate over whether working in a coworking space or at the privacy at your own home is better has been one of the fiercest in the world of freelancing, and for a reason. Ever since coworking spaces for freelancers have been invented, the interest in this has become bigger and bigger. At this point, many freelancers decide to spend at least some part of their work hours surrounded by others, if not all hours.

Coworking Spaces and How to Use Them

Coworking spaces come in the form of an office space where you have tables, internet access, conference rooms, and even private offices freelancers can use to meet clients. Some of them even come with a kitchen that helps the freelancer munch and energize in between tasks, and keep the productivity to its maximum.

Due to their popularity, there are now coworking spaces everywhere around you.

4 Ways Coworking Increases Productivity

Coworking is beneficial in many ways, but if you want to learn how it actually affects the productivity, here are some reasons why coworking is great for freelancers:

1. Widen Your Network

When you work from home, you are limited to several clients and nothing more. Coworking means the exact opposite. If you choose this way of work, you are bound to meet a bunch of people that share your interests and can teach you a lot.

Some of them will be doing your job, while others will do something else. There will be those you won’t like, but you will make amazing friends and widen your current social circle. And most importantly, some of these people will open new opportunities when you do not even expect it, and help you build your career even further.

This is the first and inevitably the biggest benefit of coworking for freelancers. You can still move around and visit other coworking spaces, which means even more people and a bigger network.

When you get stuck with your assignment, you have an experienced colleague right next to you. If you have a bug on the website you cannot fix, the programmers are in the shared kitchen having their lunch. You also have the editors to serve you as a second pair of eyes for your article or bestseller novel, or the translator that will help you find out what that person said in the video you are transcribing.

The best part is – even if there isn’t such a person in your surroundings, you now have an amazing network of other freelancers. There will always be a friend who will get you a person who can help, which widens your network even further.

2. Kill the Loneliness

Yes, you may be the most organized and self-disciplined freelancer out there, but you are not the only one. Even the strictest and most dedicated people need human contact at some point, which means that you will get lonely sooner or later.

“At the beginning, I was thrilled by the idea of working from home. When someone asked, I always bragged about having the best job conditions. But, after a while, every person gets bored. Being on your own means working in your pajamas and setting your own schedule but, in the end, you are simply… alone” – says Angela Meers, content writer at

When you work as a freelancer, you are your own boss, but you’ve got no one there to boss around or get instructions from. Sure, you have the clients you communicate with when they send you work, but can you really build a relationship through e-mail and with a person who pays you for getting their job done?

It is certainly possible, but you will still miss human contact. At some point, you will start talking to your dog while working, or turning the TV on to listen to people speaking. This is completely normal and yet, something you must change as soon as possible.

Humans are a social species. We may be introverts and enjoy spending time on our own, but we will miss others eventually. We may even have a very active social life, but those long working hours can truly be unbearable.

Simply being around others while working does wonders for the productivity of a person.

Just imagine this – you’ve got a lengthy task and a tight deadline, and after a while, desperately need a break. You may get a cup of coffee and watch an episode for the first break, walk the dog for the second, but what about the third? In a coworking space, you have communication at all times.

Whenever you have a rough time finishing a job, you’ve got someone to talk to and share your worries with. When you’ve spent hours on the laptop, you instantly get a mood boost when the person next to you tells you about their fun day.

In other words, communication will inspire you and boost your motivation. And most importantly, it will make you more productive than ever!

3. Separate Work and Home

Introverts and working from home go hand in hand with one another, but this does not mean that you are at your maximum productivity only because YOU LOVE WORKING FROM HOME.

On the opposite, working from home may actually mean working on your worst.

When you work from home, you are fighting more distractions than a person can count. Your cat does not understand that it is not time to snuggle, the dog wants to go out, your kids keep asking you where things are, your mom comes to visit, etc.

It is frustrating, but at home, people barely take your work seriously.

This happens to all freelancers, which is why most of them choose coworking as a way to separate their private life and career. Separating your workspace and living space physically can be a key element for your productivity.

4. New Business Opportunities

All the freelancers working in the office space you are in have their own clients. Some of them will often have more than they can handle, which means more business opportunities for you.

Every freelancer has a rough patch at some point. Some clients become unresponsive, others have fewer jobs for you – and you end up struggling to find new clients. In coworking areas, this can easily be solved. All you have to do is ask for a referral, and share your extra work with other freelancers. They will value this and share some work with you, too.

This is not all, freelancers. There are many reasons why coworking is a great choice for your productivity, and they all depend on your character and decisions. Some find partial coworking and partial remote work to be the best combinations, others still find work at home to be the big deal, while others cannot stay away from coworking spaces.

The truth here remains – coworking is an excellent opportunity to boost your productivity.


Olivia RyanAbout author: Olivia is an incurable optimist who always sees the glass as half-full. She likes nature, knows how to enjoy silence and is keen on writing for different websites. Meet her on Facebook and Twitter.