What Companies Offer No Experience Remote Jobs?

In today’s world where jobs are scarce, landing on a job based on your skills and talents is difficult. Most companies only hire people with a prior working experience of a given period or those that possess a college degree. Getting employment becomes a challenge for beginners at the entry level with no expertise. However, common skills such as sales customer service, writing, administration, online research or accurate and fast typing are good enough to land you a work from home job in many companies who offer remote jobs that require no experience.

These organizations only conduct a test of your skills before hiring but are not very strict on your experience. The more skills you prove to have, the better!

Working in your pajamas or setting up your flexible working hours are but a few of the benefits of remote jobs, not forgetting to mention that you will not have to strain with reporting to work early, traffic and go through the boring office routine.

There are over 100 companies that offer no experience remote jobs, but this article has singled-out 6 of the best companies that provide jobs you can do remotely.

1.   Appen

This is an award-winning language technology solutions and consulting firm located in Australia. It offers services such as search engine as well as social media evaluation, transcription among others. Its related language positions require no college degree or experience. They only give a test for your language abilities. If you pass the test, you are hired. When hired as a social media evaluator, Appen mandates you with improving social media news feed and search results. Being “native or near-native speaker” is an adequate skill to qualify you for a search engine evaluator position. Appen’s working schedule is flexible where you can work 5-20 hours weekly with an average hourly pay of $13.

2.   Apple

If you enjoy helping others, managing yourself, focus well in your home environment and you can multi-task, apply for a career as an at-home agent at Apple. It is an American multinational technology company that offers remote jobs that require no experience now and then. Apple helps employees reach their full potential by sharpening their skills through training. They provide chat jobs which have flexible schedules and chances of advancing in the company are high. As an at-home agent, you support the customers who experience problems with their accounts or devices.

3.  Crisp Thinking

Managing the online presence is not an easy task especially for large companies. Such companies use moderation services and Crisp Thinking is no exception. It hires freelance moderators with no experience after you fill a short survey during application. This survey exercise helps Crisp Thinking to know you better. The company has clients from various industries thus hires beginners from different backgrounds. The main requirements are the desire to work, organization and high cognitive abilities of a person.

4.   Lionbridge

Work from home jobs from Lionbridge are well paying and flexible. One of the many services that the company offers includes ensuring that users enjoy a pleasant and positive experience while using search engines on the internet. The only remote job that requires no expertise at Lionbridge is the Internet Assessor position. If you can speak English, have access to high-speed internet, can work for 10 to 20 hours a week at your flexible schedule, have at least 5 years residency in your country and have passed their exams, you are qualified as an Internet Assessor at Lionbridge. Keep checking their website to see if any vacancies are available ranging from search engines evaluator to personalized internet assessor.

5.   SigTrack

It is a company that links grassroots campaigns with data entry freelancers. SigTrack hires work-from-home employees with no experience to process voter registration and petition signatures. You are paid based on the level of your accuracy and payment is done through PayPal. It is therefore advisable to have an excellent monitor to keep a check on your speed and accuracy in data entry. However, you must be a resident of the USA and have access to high-speed internet to qualify.

6.  LiveWorld

Its clients are big companies from all around the globe. LiveWorld has moderator work from home job openings as well as customer service. You are not required to have any experience to qualify for either position. However, preference is given to applicants who have bilingual abilities or have work experience. Their customer service agents provide responses to customers via phone, chat or email. To qualify, an applicant must be at least 18 years old and has the authority to work in the US. Give it a try and apply for a job here.


If you are hardworking, self-motivated and a multi-tasker, you can successfully work from home regardless of whether you are experienced or not. Your existing skills will land you the remote job that is most suited to you. You can be hired either as full-time, part-time, flexible hourly bases or as an employee. However, if you possess any experience, make it shine on your applications but also focus on your skills too. Keep looking for openings from the various companies career pages. You can also sign up to their websites to receive immediate updates of remote job vacancies that fit your skills. You can do it; you only have to apply.


Marion Selista is a freelance writer & a blogger, who specializes in life coaching, professional and personal empowerment. She is consulting individual clients and senior teams who seek greater effectiveness in addressing personal, organizational and leadership challenge. Get in touch with Marion via Twitter or Linkedin for any type of cooperation.