Why Millennials are Flocking Towards Remote Working?

The present-day world has seen major changes happening over the past decade. Be it in terms of technology, human lifestyle or the work culture, nothing went untouched by these changes. And the credit for all these inevitably goes to the advent in the field of Internet technology.

The advancing technology has made the fast and free flow of information around the globe much easier. Having said so, it has been a game-changing factor for businesses worldwide as it has also impacted the workforce as well as the work culture across every sector.

Speaking of the current times, Millennials will form half of the global workforce by the year 2020, according to various experts. Millennials are individuals who are born between the early-’80s and mid-’90s. In such a scenario, having a workforce that’s both young and dynamic is a boom for many organisations employing them.

But in many instances, employers often have a difficult time meeting the aspirations of their Millennial workforce. And having the advantage of their young age and a never-ending flow of ideas, Millennials don’t hesitate to look for better alternatives. Alternatives that can support them both in their work life as well as their personal life.

Millennials and their Aspirations

Millennials are highly ambitious and if they are beefed up with the right skill and given an ample chance, they can yield the best of the results in their respective fields. Likewise, most of the millennials are tech-savvy people. They know very well how to use the technology at their disposal to harness their utmost productivity.

The millennial workforce aspires to have a healthy work environment even more than a handsome paycheck unlike many.

Having some personal time is another factor which they wish to have while being indulged in their work. Being their own boss is what keeps them going in every aspect of their life whether work or personal. Nevertheless, they just want a better work-life balance.

There may be many best places to work but getting hold on a job that stands out in all of their aspirations is both tough and challenging. However, with times changing, it has bought in many new avenues for Millennials. And the one that appeals to them the most is remote working.

Who are Remote Workers? Are they any different from their collocated counterparts?

The developments in the field of internet disrupted the traditional 9 to 5 work loop by enabling everyone to access information anytime and anywhere. With this, the corporate world saw the rise of a new class of employees known as the Remote Workers. A remote worker could be sitting miles away at their home, enjoying a nice view on a beach, or trekking somewhere in the mountains while still being indulged in their work. In remote work, the employees carry their work wherever they go provided they stay connected via the internet.

Also, Remote workers aren’t any different from their collocated counterparts. They work from wherever they deem fit and most of the employees working remotely are actually full-timers with just a simple exception that they are not time-bound at their job.

Furthermore, the emerging field of cloud computing has also fueled the growth of remote workers, by fine-tuning the real-time collaboration space.

Millennials and Remote Work – How well do they sync?

Today’s work environment is all about information being shared and processed as fast as possible. The act of sharing information between remote workers has become much easier like that of their collocated colleagues. The Millennials are “always on” and their “available for work” approach makes it an ideal choice for them to take up remote work.

According to Randstad’s Employee Engagement Study, 42% of employees feel obliged to check in into their work while on vacation. Furthermore, it was observed that Millennials are more inclined towards remaining “ON” during the off hours.

It can also be observed that Millennials are getting married, raising a child and handling their job all at the same time in today’s date. In such case, having flexibility at work is much-needed for keeping a good work-life balance.

Remote work, on the plus side, addresses this scenario in a very effective way and paves the way for why Millennials are moving towards Remote Working.

Six key reasons why Millennials are now transitioning to Remote Work:

  • Promotes better work-life balance

As I have said above, Millennials crave for a better work-life balance more than anything. It is a well-known fact that happy and satisfied employees make up the best for businesses. Millennials value their work as much as they value their own personal life. This certainly makes for a perfect match for millennials to take up remote work.

  • Saves time

Being from a generation where speed and efficiency is everything, millennials don’t prefer wasting their time and misuse resources. Unlike daily commuters, remote workers seldom have to travel to work, thus saving them a lot of time. And given this fact, it gives the Millennials an ample amount of personal time to enjoy their own life. Thus, keeping their physical and mental well-being perfectly on track with their work-life intact.

  • Finding the perfect job

Well, Millennials now mostly comprise of the youths who have recently passed their college. And given the competitive job market and the economic conditions around the world, it might not be always possible to grab a suitable job right next door. However, on the better side, remote working has addressed this by opening avenues for Millennials irrespective of the borders to grab a job perfect for them.

  • Better Focus on Work

One of the finest thing about remote working is staying away from the daily hassle of commuting, usual office distractions or the tension of missing out on special occasions. Being able to look after dear ones or pamper pets while at work itself creates a stress-free environment thereby ensuring better focus at work. Millennials are result driven beings and this point makes remote work a perfect choice.

  • Flexible Work Schedule

As said earlier, remote work culture has left the traditional 9 to 5 work culture antiquated. Millennials having their own aspirations and goals often find it difficult to abide by a pre-laid time rule. And in remote work one has the privilege to choose their own work schedule. Thus, a Millennials’ “always-on” nature makes them ideal for remote working and millennials are responding to it.

  • Opportunity for self-development

Self-development is always a top priority for any employee. Since Millennials belong from a much younger generation, they seek a lot in their quest for a better future. However, self-development requires time and engagement with oneself, something that is seldom possible in a traditional 9 to 5 job. With the option of flexibility in time and workplace, remote working provides a great avenue for Millennials to pursue their own dreams while being at work.

All these points make up for the perfect reasons why Millennials are shifting towards remote work. The views of a millennial comprised remote workforce and the possible reasons to take it up may differ based on the types of benefits they’re getting from it. But nevertheless, Millennials are the future ready workforce and grabbing up remote working which is the future of work domain across many sectors sets the perfect sync between the both.


Angshuman Dev Talukdar is a content writer and marketer at Vantage Circle – an integrated employee engagement and benefits platform. Driven by his curious nature, he is always eager to learn new things and currently is in his venture to explore the space of Human resource and Remote work. Furthermore, he aspires to contribute to the betterment of the corporate culture with his thoughts conveyed through his articles.