XML/RSS Job Feed

Are you a small company that is 100% remote? If so, we’re happy to include your remote job openings on a special section within SkipTheDrive called “Remote-Only Companies.” These jobs will not be searchable, rather, will be viewable when job seekers browse the remote-only companies section.

XML/RSS Recommended File Format

The format below is only a recommendation. We can work with any XML or RSS file. We do not support JSON at this time.

<?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”utf-8”?>
     <title><![CDATA[Web Developer]]</title>
     <date><![CDATA[2017-07-04 21:23:22]]</date>
     <company><![CDATA[ABC Company]]</company>
     <location><![CDATA[Ann Arbor, MI]]</location>
     <description><![CDATA[Short job description]]</description>

id – Unique identifier for the job [Required]

title – Title of job [Required]

date – Date of job posting [Required]

company – Hiring company [Required]

url – URL of specific job posting [Required]

location – Since the job is remote, this is not required, but may be specified if desired. [Optional]

description – Only the first 255 characters of the description will be displayed. [Optional]


  • Your company must be 100% remote/distributed
  • Jobs in feed must be remote
  • Feed must be updated once daily
  • Feed must contain all live/current jobs; jobs not included in each feed will be deleted
  • There is no guarantee as to how long jobs will be displayed
  • We reserve the right to refuse jobs and/or job feeds for whatever reason
  • Max of 20 jobs per feed

Submitting Your Feed

Submit your feed to pete@skipthedrive.com and include the following:

  • Company name
  • URL to RSS/XML feed