7 Work from Home Opportunities Searching the Internet

Are you someone who loves spending at least 10 hours a day browsing the internet? If you enjoy looking up places, things or events for hours on end, then you can surely monetize this hobby.

Whether it’s a side hustle or a part-time job from home, there are many ways for you to earn money just by doing online research. Though the designations, nature of the work and tasks involved may differ, you will have a high chance of succeeding as an online researcher if you have the qualities below:

  • You have a keen eye for detail. Many of these roles will require you to sift through search results for the right answer.
  • You know your way around browsing in different platforms. You can navigate websites easily; in short, you are internet savvy and can troubleshoot independently should you encounter any problems.
  • You can work on timed projects. Some of the jobs below require you to follow a certain schedule.

Below are some of the jobs that let you work from home, searching the internet. Please keep in mind that some of them need experience and relevant certifications.

Internet Research

Online Internet Research is gaining popularity now, and companies like Ask Wonder recruit people to do extensive online research and answer user questions. A typical Wonder Researcher is someone who goes through a lot of websites, collects relevant information and shares it with the user. As a Wonder Researcher, you have the flexibility to work whenever you want. All you have to do is log into the portal, look for interesting questions and start working. Your goal will always be to provide the best answer to questions posted by users.

The pay for this job depends on the questions you will answer but it is usually anywhere between $8 to $15. The website boasts of its active researchers earning around $2,000 per month. This could be your thing if you love researching information on the web and helping users with their queries.

Search Engine Evaluation

Search Engine Evaluation sounds very techie, but in layman’s terms, it is the process of rating the results of search engine queries according to the guidelines given to you. The goal of a search engine evaluator is to match the user intent with the results on the web. The most common search engines used for this job is Google or Bing.

Lionbridge hires Internet Assessors, Search Engine Evaluators, and Map Analysts regularly. They hire worldwide and the pay differs depending on what country you’re in. You will be required to take an assessment and once you pass the test, you can already start working. You can log in anytime and work according to your flexibility, but you have to finish a set amount of work in a week.

Social Media Evaluation

This is an interesting and rather enjoyable job (for me, at least). If you enjoy being on social media, then you can consider trying your luck and submitting an application to Appen as their Social Media Evaluator. This role is open regularly, and you can send your application through their website. You will need to take an assessment and pass it to get hired.

Appen recruits people from many countries and the pay is different for every country. This job is mostly part-time with a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Subject Matter Experts

If you are an expert in a particular niche, subject or industry, then you can apply as a subject matter expert at 10 EQS. They regularly hire SMEs in different areas for online research. You can do the work remotely, over the phone or in person.

For this role, you need to have prior experience. You can head to their website and create a profile so they can determine which live projects can be delegated to you.

Freelance Researcher

Being a freelance researcher is another excellent way to earn money doing in-depth research in whatever field that interests you. RWS is a company that hires freelance researchers who can submit very high-quality research content.

The process is simple. You just need to choose the study according to your preferences, do the research and submit your work. If your work gets selected as one of the best submissions, then you will be awarded (or paid). They have different categories of search like ExpertSearch and FlashSearch researchers, these categories require different skill sets.

Internet Analyst

If you are a pro in Googling stuff and your internet searching skills are above average, then you can check opportunities from Karmahub. This company often advertises Internet Analyst positions and they require applicants to have a basic knowledge of SEO so they can judge and rate user behavior in the search engine results.

The best thing about getting hired by Karmahub is that they are providing training. There is no excuse for you not to do your job properly then.

Answer Questions

There are numerous ways to use your expertise and research skills to answer people’s questions. JustAnswer is a bit similar with Ask Wonder, in the sense that they’ll require you to give well-researched answers to user questions and get paid. The only difference is that, with JustAnswer, you can choose a category you’ll like and you’ll only need to answer the questions posted on those categories.

JustAnswer requires applicants to upload their CVs and submit certifications. Once approved, you can choose your own hours and work whenever you want.

In this age of virtual jobs, it’s not very hard to find a reliable way to earn money from home doing simple tasks such as searching the internet. All of the mentioned companies hire people with excellent research skills and those who are willing to go through multiple sites to create meaningful answers to every day questions that people may have.

Just keep an eye out for fake jobs that may come your way when you are looking for such opportunities.

Sireesha Narumanchi is a career blogger and founder of Crowdworknews.com. She helps remote job seekers find legitimate online jobs, blogging tips, and side hustles through her blog. She has successfully grown her online business from scratch to a full-time gig in just two years. Sireesha has been featured on websites like MyCorporation, Fairygodboss, Moneyish, and Side Hustle School.