Frequently Asked Questions

  • We do not usually correspond with the hiring managers for the jobs listed on SkipTheDrive, so it is advised that you contact them directly to inquire. Because of the nature of telecommuting, it is entirely possible that geographical location might not be an issue for the hiring company. Each company has different requirements for each position. While some companies might be open to allowing non-U.S. residents to apply, some companies might require candidates to be located within the U.S. Our recommendation is to contact the hiring manager directly and see what their policy is.

  • SkipTheDrive is a niche site, and as a result we only display jobs that are relevant to telecommuting. Though there are other telecommuting job sites on the web, we’re free for job seekers and require no registration. Our jobs are listed in real time and offer opportunities that range from part time to full time.

  • Simply put, telecommuting means working remotely as opposed to a traditional office or workplace. Work can be done from the comfort of your own home, or heck, even a coffee shop. Telecommuting can also be referred to as telework, virtual employment, or remote employment.

  • SkipTheDrive encourages job seekers to contact the hiring employers directly, as we are simply the ‘liason’ between employer and job seeker. We do not have direct contact with employers, and as a result, cannot expedite the hiring process. Typically, job postings will contain an email address or form for which you can send your resume.