Non-Tech Remote Jobs That Pay Well

More and more people these days are working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies have found ways to network with employees and get work done virtually, and service customers remotely. According to a recent study, 83% of employers say that remote work is working well for their company. Some companies have already decided not to renew office leases and continue to operate as a remote workforce. Tech companies have always led the way in employing remote workers, but now more and more remote work jobs don’t require tech skills. Several employers have seen the value of remote work, and the opportunities to work remotely are out there.

Misconceptions about Remote Work Jobs

  1. There are legitimate remote work jobs available in a variety of industries. Just like any venture, there will be scam artists that offer work-from-home jobs if you take this training course or buy this membership, etc. The key is to work with legitimate companies.
  2. There are legitimate remote work jobs available in a variety of industries. Just like any venture, there will be scam artists that offer work-from-home jobs if you take this training course or buy this membership, etc. The key is to work with legitimate companies. While not everyone who wants to work at home seeks a long-term, full-time, high pay career, many are. Some professionals have valuable knowledge and skills to offer full-time. At the same time, they achieve a better work-life balance to raise their children, care for aging or ill family members, set their hours, or work from a remote location.
  3. You don’t have to make a heavy upfront investment to work remotely. Another misconception about remote non-tech positions is that you will have to invest in specialized computers or laptops, headsets, apps, etc. The truth is that, while some remote work jobs require an app or software, there aren’t really any significant investments you need to make in specialized equipment.
  4. Not all remote work jobs require you to be a freelancer or independent contractor. While many people prefer to be independent, others  flourish in a full-time off-site employee job. Remote work positions run across the gamut of entry-level to executive positions, freelance to full-time employed positions. 
  5. You are not always working solo when you work remotely. Working at home does not mean that you don’t interact with coworkers, other company executives, or customers. While there are solo gigs that some people prefer, many remote jobs require collaboration, teamwork, and customer interaction. The growth in virtual communication technologies and changing attitudes toward meeting and chatting online are continuing to open new opportunities for remote work.

High Paying Non-Tech Remote Work Jobs

We have found several remote work jobs that pay well and do not require high technical skills.

Business Development Director or VP

A Director of VP of Business Development’s primary job is to provide vision and guidance in identifying and nurturing potential clients, strategizing with sales teams to create proposals, approve sales projections and budgets, hiring sales managers, and coordinating with marketing and logistics teams to close deals and onboard new clients.

Suppose you have a knack for client communication, sales, research, and at least five years B2B sales experience and a BA or BS degree. In that case, you can expect a salary between $92K and $250K as a remote Business Development senior executive.

Finance Director or VP

A Finance VP or Director oversees the business’s finances, ensures that the company’s financial plans are carried out, coordinates, prepares, and reviews all quarterly and annual financial reports, and directs all accounting operations.

If you have a CPA, Financial Management experience, and strategic planning skills, you can earn a salary between $87K and $147K. 

Human Resources Director or VP

Responsibilities include managing an HR team, building out & overseeing the execution of HR processes & programs, driving employee engagement & organizational development, support HR compliance, develop budgets and reporting, and providing data analysis.

If you are a strategic thinker, have experience managing employees, and budgeting, and have at least five years of HR management experience and a BA in HR, you can expect a salary of between $73K-$110K as a remote HR senior executive. 

Legal and Compliance Director or VP  

A Senior Legal and Compliance executive is a primary source of legal counsel to the business including handling legal crises. Their work includes compliance issues, labor law, tax work, and intellectual property.

If you have a business law degree, at least seven years of experience in business law and compliance, and are highly organized, you can command a salary of between  $120K-$200K  as a remote business legal and compliance senior executive. 

Marketing Director or VP

A marketing director Oversees marketing campaigns, marketing professionals, and lays out the marketing requirements and needs for the organization, analyzes campaign metrics to determine effectiveness, oversees the creation of SEO-optimized content and collateral for new clients. 

Suppose you are creative, analytical, have a BA in marketing, experience with social media, and at least 4-7 years of experience with marketing and digital advertising tools. In that case, you can command a salary between $75K-$123K as a remote marketing director.

Business Development and Sales Account Manager

Companies hire business development and sales account managers to prospect for new business throughout multiple state regions, throughout the country, and some internationally. The lion’s share of the initial contact work is involve phone and email, which you can do anywhere.

Targeting new sales and developing a profitable sales pipeline often requires a fair amount of travel to meet new and existing clients to finalize a contract. With the amount of travel these individuals do, there is little need to report to an office daily. 

If you have an outgoing personality and don’t mind being a road warrior, you can work remotely and enjoy great pay. An experienced  Business Development Manager or Sales Account Manager can easily command a salary of between $45K-$57K. 

Certified Public Accountant

The CPA credential is highly regarded, and career opportunities in corporate accounting, public accounting, and non-profit accounting are in high demand. CPAs prepare tax returns, file taxes, and keep up with the latest tax regulations to advise individual, business, public entity, and non-profit clients of tax savings solutions.

If you have a CPA and 2 – 3 years of CPA experience, you can land a remote CPA job paying between $68K and $118K.

Human Resources Manager

The Manager – Human Resources is responsible for the daily oversight and management of the Human Resources team. They oversee recruitment, retention, training, and coaching as well as budget responsibility. 

If you have a degree in human resources and 2 to 3 years of human resources experience, you could expect to make a salary of between $48K and $113K as a remote HR Manager.


Lawyers conduct research and analysis on legal problems, draft and review legal documents, advise and represent clients on legal business matters before government agencies and court matters.  They keep clients up to date on laws, rulings, and regulations that affect them.

If you have a J.D. degree and 3 to 4 years of law firm experience, you can expect to earn between $52K and $110K  as a remote attorney. 

Marketing Manager

Analyzing industry trends and crafting advertising and brand strategy can be done from anywhere. With online tools like Zoom, Google Docs, and Slack, you can coordinate with clients, salespeople, graphic designers, engineers, product managers ,etc.

If you are creative, analytical, and have digital marketing experience, you can make an excellent salary between $60K- $100K as a remote marketing manager.

Mental Health Counselor

During the pandemic, most clinics and healthcare practices utilized Teladoc or tele counseling services to virtually service their therapy patients. The Tele counseling technology is easy to use for both the therapist and the patient, and insurance payments are processed remotely through the systems.  Some patients like the Tele counseling service better because they are more comfortable meeting with their therapist from the comfort of their home.

If you are a licensed mental health counselor and have 2-4 years of experience, you can make a good wage as a remote mental health counselor.   A mental health counselor can earn between $59K to $72K, depending on their experience.

These jobs are just a few of the non-tech remote jobs available. These jobs are just a representative sampling of the remote non-tech jobs that pay well. However, every field has specialized areas which can affect salary and requirements. For example, Business Development might also require experience within a specific industry. You can find many more positions by searching by your state and in your specialized area within your field.