Reddit – Remote Jobs And Resources

If you’ve spent any amount of time on Reddit, you’ll know that it contains a treasure trove of information on just about every topic. Moreover, the active Reddit members (a.k.a. “Redditors”) can be quite helpful in pointing you in the right direction, should you have any questions.

Reddit is broken down into areas of interest known as “Subreddits.” Some subreddits require invitations, however, most of them can be joined by anyone. Posts from each subreddit you subscribe to will show up on your feed.

If you’re not able to find your ideal remote job on SkipTheDrive, take a look at what Reddit might have to offer.

Subreddits For Remote Jobs & Resources

/r/digitalnomad/ – Digital nomads are those that travel the globe and work from anywhere they choose. They make be working in Thailand one month, then New York the next month. This subreddit has a lot of useful information for topics such as cost of living, travel strategy, motivation, wifi hotspots & more.

/r/WorkOnline/WorkOnline, as its name implies, is a place where people gather to talk about ways to make money online. This can range from taking paid surveys to monetizing with Amazon mTurk, website revenue and more. Basically anything that allows people to make minimum wage or more is fair game. I’m also one of the moderators for /r/WorkOnline/.

/r/workathomejobs/ – There’s not much information about this subreddit on their sidebar, but it seems pretty straightforward. As I was looking through some of the recent posts, there were many articles posted as well as advice from other entrepreneurs. Update: This sub was banned.

/r/remotejs/ – This is for JavaScript jobs that can be done via telecommuting (whether partial or full telecommute).

/r/remotephp/remotephp is for PHP jobs that can be done remotely (whether partial or full telecommute).

/r/SkipTheDrive/ – You guessed it! This is the subreddit I created, which is for anything telecommuting-related. I’ll post cool job listings and articles here.

/r/remotepython/remotepython is for Python jobs that can be done via telecommuting (partial or full telecommute).

/r/RemoteJobr/ – There’s not much of a description for this subreddit in their sidebar. It seems to be tech jobs only.

/r/WFH/WFH is an acronym for working from home. According to the moderators of that subreddit, their goal is to foster a community for those to discuss tips and tricks on working from home.

/r/MakeMoneyFromHome/ – Discuss different strategies on how to make money from home. This can be anything from survey sites to Google Adsense, affiliate programs and more. Update: This sub was banned.

/r/workfromhomecoders/ – A very small subreddit, workfromhomecoders is for people who face certain work-from-home challenges (i.e. lack of human interaction). It’s encouraged for people to share resources/experiences.

/r/freelance/ – Last, but certainly not least is the freelance subreddit. This sizable community discusses pretty much anything related to freelancing.

/r/workathome – People post home-based opportunities here.