Remote Opportunities with Mozilla and ClassDojo

If you’re a regular web-surfer (who isn’t?) you’ve more than likely used Mozilla’s Firefox browser, which has surged in popularity over the years. And nowadays with many students partaking in virtual learning, ClassDojo has become a necessity/requirement for many school districts and parents alike. Both of these companies have multiple remote opportunities.



Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser that was initially developed as “Mozilla Application Suite”. In 2003, the suite split into individual components. The Firefox web browser and the mail client Electronic Thunderbird are two of the applications that were outsourced. 

The Firefox developers have stayed true to the goal of short load times and high speed. Nowadays, Firefox is always one of the most valued browsers, as it is equipped with a fast graphics acceleration, has a high-security rating, and many other features. A significant advantage of Mozilla Firefox is the ability to configure and change the user interface appearance according to your personal preferences.

Given how much Mozilla has grown over the years, it should come as no surprise that they have many remote opportunities available.


Some of the benefits Mozilla offers their employees include:

  • Paid parental leave
  • Health benefits
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Family-friendy-twice-annual “All Hands” events hosted around the world
  • Wellness and assistance programs (covering family too!)
  • Paid time off for vacations, bereavement, jury/civic/military duty and your birthday
  • Professional development reimbursement
  • Performance-based bonuses (includes company and personal bonus)

Mozilla Foundation

The Mozilla Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that works to ensure the internet is open and accessible to everyone. They want to ensure that the internet remains a force for good. In 2019 they identified a major challenge to the health of the web – Artificial Intelligence (AI). There’s no doubt that AI is an extremely useful technology that has found its way in many business sectors, however, AI can also be destructive; amplifying the power of Big Tech to censor voices unfairly, prioritizing engagement over user well-being. This abuse of power reminds me of the documentary The Social Dilemma, but I digress…The Mozilla Foundation is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Mozilla Corporation. The two organizations work closely together along with a global community of tens of thousands of volunteers.

They are currently hiring engineers, marketing directors, user experience/UX and more. Check out our list of remote Mozilla jobs.



ClassDojo is a school communication platform that allows teachers to connect with students and parents, by sharing what’s being learned at school and at home via videos, photos and messaging. This platform is available via iOS, Kindle Fire, Android and computer, and is 100% free. Currently 95% of U.S. schools are using their platform.

It’s not uncommon for parents with school-aged children to find it difficult determining what exactly they’re being taught in school. ClassDojo helps streamline the communication process so that parents can stay on top of what’s being taught and assist the kids when necessary.

Their growth has been 100% organic since their inception; fueled by word-of-mouth to now tens of millions of users.

Here are my takeaways about working at ClassDojo after perusing through some of the reviews on GlassDoor:

  • Positive culture with continuous learning
  • Meaningful work that impacts thousands of lives
  • Transparency and approachable upper-management to discuss concerns
  • Gratifying/loving feedback from users of the platform – there is something to be said about feelings of appreciation towards your efforts (numerous teachers stated that ClassDojo was the reason they did not quit teaching!)

Check out our listing of remote ClassDojo jobs.